Our Unique Process

produces sustainable changes in beliefs, mental models and behavior

Our Unique ProcessOver the last decade there has been remarkable research which enables us to integrate psychology, neuroscience and leadership development to achieve what traditional "training" programs fail to do: produce sustainable changes in beliefs, mental models and behavior. For this potential to be realized, however, there has to be a careful integration between the learning environment, experiential components, facilitation capabilities and approaches, guided reflection and knowledge content.

Not only do we have the bottom-line business data to demonstrate that we have captured this potential for lasting impact, each year we hear from those who participated in our leadership development years before, expressing appreciation for the influence it continues to have on their personal growth and professional success.

The key components we integrate to achieve this process of enduring value include:
  1. Customized experiential "leadership labs" which establish clear and immediate cause-and-effect relationships between your decisions and behavior, and the influence they have on others (correlations difficult to establish at work due to the inherent variables and the time gap between decisions and their true long term impact).
  2. A reflective and safe environment where your insights are valued and refined through peer interaction, and in which you can practice and refine those learnings without business impact.
  3. Experienced and successful leaders who guide you through a process of self-discovery that respects your ability to learn and apply what has the highest value for your current leadership challenges.
  4. Knowledge that is based on research and best practices proven to correlate with sustained leadership effectiveness.
  5. Coaching to help you build mechanisms to apply and sustain your learning as well as extend its impact throughout your organization.