Our History & Impact

unprecedented performance breakthroughs

Our clients (including those in the Fortune 10) credit our leadership development sessions and coaching with playing a major role in reaching lofty and often unexpected heights of accomplishment. Among those client achievements are:
History & Impact
  1. A 50% improvement in talent retention (1300 leaders) for a 740 location service organization.
  2. Becoming the first division in the corporation to exceed 100 million USD in EBITDA at a leading managed services company due to strategy and process improvements.
  3. Improving from last to second in FAA on-time arrival performance at an international airline as well as improving productivity, customer satisfaction and net income.
  4. Effectively integrating two major electrical manufacturing companies' leadership cultures and operating practices to exceed targeted service and profit objectives.
  5. Record increases in employee engagement and productivity in the oil and gas sector including with geoscience research teams.

We would be happy for you to speak with leaders in these and other organizations who have achieved personal and performance breakthroughs with our leadership development and coaching support.