Our Expertise

areas with greatest strategic impact and ROI

Our leadership development has customized knowledge, experiential and coaching components based on your improvement goals. We focus on three core areas of our expertise: areas proven to have the strongest correlations to leadership effectiveness in the current challenging and uncertain environment. For some corporate and academic clients, we deliver discreet programs in these areas when aligned with their strategic priorities for leadership development and talent retention.

Strategic Influence

Strategic InfluenceThe unmined "gold" for most leaders lies deep within us. It resides within our unconscious beliefs and biases (our "shadow"), which produce decisions and behaviors that conflict with the values we consciously espouse and articulate. These gaps are perceived by others in our decisions, communication and actions, limit our influence and produce unintended long term consequences.

These unconscious and "small" gaps have disproportionate leadership consequences because they reduce the amount of trust and respect extended to a leader. This lack of complete trust produces a culture where true reality is not fully communicated. This limits both the learning capability of an organization as well as the ability of leaders to make effective decisions. This self-perpetuating cycle leads to increasing hesitation and delays in execution along with reduced engagement and quality of effort and work.

We facilitate a process, proven effective with thousands of individuals around the world, to help leaders recognize and close these gaps, create a plan to capture and focus the collective synergy of their new influence, and execute it for the greatest leverage and impact on a strategic performance or personal challenge.

Strategic Decisions

Strategic DecisionsAs the distinguished Peter Drucker pointed out years ago, making decisions is the primary function of a leader. A leader's decisions produce shifts in people's priorities along with corresponding changes in the investment of resources. However, every leader has cognitive bias which influences their decision-making process and which, over the long term, produce unintended consequences. We use case studies and experiential learning scenarios, based on Nobel Prize winning research, to help you discover and protect against your predominant decision biases.

Most leaders also readily admit they do not have a consistent process for making decisions, which means it is extremely difficult for them to analyze and improve their decision-making ability. We help you develop a process that leverages your experience and strengths for better decisions, while protecting against your prevailing biases, which ensures you continuously learn and improve your decision-making effectiveness. You apply this process to current decision-making challenges which ensures your learning is maximized and its value immediately captured.

For intact teams or leaders working collaboratively on a performance initiative, we help you assess your decision-making culture to identify and remove the barriers to achieving a higher quality and speed of execution for key decisions.

Strategic Agility

Strategic AgilityWe help leaders become more effective in the current volatile, uncertain and complex environment by guiding them through a process to:

  1. Assess their current strategic agility and understand how to better leverage their unique leadership story and experiences in each phase of the business life cycle to achieve greater adaptive leadership ability.
  2. Apply the principles of adaptive growth in natural systems to better understand when and how to intervene as a leader to achieve the highest synergy between the organization and the environment.
  3. Practice strategic scenarios in a safe and reflective environment; practice which is just as essential as new knowledge to achieving adaptive skills that can be trusted under real world conditions.
  4. Create dynamic "leadership systems" used by businesses which consistently lead within their markets, so they have an effective mechanism to drive collaborative leadership agility while also building the requisite organizational capability to quickly execute and learn from agile strategies.
  5. Develop the understanding and skills to communicate, negotiate and manage across international cultures. Our Principals have more than 30 years of experience working and consulting across the North American, EU and APAC regions.