REACH Youth Program

Helping students understand and reach their full leadership and life potential

REACH youth programOur student curriculum integrates experiential learning, new knowledge, reflection and application so that students overcome limiting beliefs and biases, while refining the skills necessary to build lives of positive influence, service and continual learning and growth. Our curriculum has 3 core areas of focus:

REACH Within: Guiding students on an inward journey to understand and build a values-driven character that will empower them to influence their environment rather than be victimized by it.

REACH Out: Helping students develop the emotional intelligence and skills to build relationships and teams that strengthen and extend their resilience, potential and influence.

REACH Up: Guiding students to understand how they can leverage their unique personality, life experiences and strengths to identify and reach their life and career aspirations.

Our leadership:

Judith Rogala is the founder and President of REACH. Her lifelong passion for youth includes her tenure as President and CEO of La Petite Academy where she had responsibility for 740 locations serving 85,000 children. In addition she has been the first woman to reach Officer & CEO status in several different industries, and has been widely recognized and awarded for her values-based approach to leadership and her passion for developing leadership capabilities in others.

Roy Holley is the co-founder and CEO of REACH. After serving in leadership positions at FedEx he established The Ridgway Institute, which has provided transformational leadership development experiences to leaders for over 20 years. He has served as Senior Teaching Fellow for The University of Surrey International Institute and The Global Institute for Management and Economics.

Naomi Sanchez is the co-founder and CLO of REACH, responsible for the effective integration and facilitation of the core curriculum with experiential learning opportunities. She has led over 500 experiential programs for public and private education systems at the youth and university levels. Her passion is guiding disadvantaged youth to find their pathway to sustainable personal growth and service.

Dr. Dwight Hopkins is Professor and Director of MA programs in the Divinity School at the University of Chicago and affiliate faculty in the Center for East Asian Studies. He has researched, taught and consulted extensively on leadership with a focus on aligning efforts around our common values and humanity, while understanding and respecting our cultural diversity. As a Principal for REACH he leads our effort to help inner city youth overcome their unique challenges to achieve their full life and leadership potential.